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GTC Logistics is a global runner in international transport and logistics. We’re bent on effecting a ground-breaking transformation that will change the way the world moves. It’s an epoch-making endeavor – and we all have our role to play. Step up!

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We’ve got career opportunities all over the world and a people-first approach.
GTC Logistics offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Find out more and explore our current vacancies by country.

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GTC Values & Culture

At GTC, we aim at blending and refining different ways of thinking, different cultures, and different skills, giving birth to a new way of moving the world. Our values are the heart of our business. They represent the cornerstone of GTC Logistics, support our vision, shape our culture and establish our future direction. These values are our beacon, which help us follow a clear path to success.

Innovate with us

At GTC Logistics, we don’t balk at driving change or reinventing ourselves. Our bright history bears witness to our innovative edge. Maintaining our pioneering position in global trade necessitates perpetual improvement of our capabilities.

It all means that we value any new ideas from your side. Being true to our culture of collaboration and sharing knowledge, we’ll warmly welcome your perspective, too. Your contribution is worthwhile to us!

Passion rules supreme here

We passionately carry out whatever that we do. We won’t get cold feet at challenges and we tenaciously thrust towards obstacles in order to achieve excellence. We put passion together with enthusiasm to provide a unique experience for our customers.

Participate in global workplace

We provide you with a portal to work in the global village. We pride ourselves on the truly international environment we work in. With our team, you can collaborate on a global scale, be exposed to different cultures and gain unique skills as a global citizen. Working with GTC Logistics means joining a global workplace. 

People come first

This is our conviction that each person brings unique values. Ethics, respect and team spirit are the building blocks of our authentic relationship. We prioritize the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and employees. 

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