Mining Industry

Imports and Exports of Mineral Materials .

Transportation of mineral materials is our forte!


Mining Industry

Importing and exporting mineral materials look to have promising prospects for generating revenue given the abundant mineral resources in many countries worldwide. Therefore, mining engineers and activists can take advantage of this golden opportunity by entering into a cooperation contract with GTC and make considerable profits. If you intend to operate in the field of importing and exporting mineral materials, we recommend that you contact our sales experts to guide you in entering into short or long-term contracts.

With specialized product characteristics and complex logistics needs, mined commodities need to be transported with care and expertise to keep your costs down and your materials safe. Our flexible, bespoke shipping services in GTC will help you transport bulk materials efficiently and affordably.

Metals, minerals, and chemicals require specific knowledge of transport, storage, and handling. The strict requirements in the areas of safety, environmental regulations, and customs regulations are constantly being developed. Therefore, we use our global nimbleness and passion for our work to deliver customized solutions for you. Our customers gain value from our logistics experience, partners, and technologies we integrate within their supply chain. With your needs in mind, we select the right equipment, based on legal requirements, the volume, and of course the type of commodity you are shipping.

Logistics can amount to up to 50-70% of delivered costs for those commodities to customers, which is why suppliers should make use of the most cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions and companies.

Our project logistics management and consultancy services will make your job easier. Turn logistics from a headache into a competitive advantage with our customized solutions and recommendations.

With offices throughout the globe, experienced staff, and value-adding services, we can help minimize your risks and reduce costs for administrative processes.

Our employees pay attention to cost-efficient routes, reliability, and adherence to delivery dates.

In GTC, we have placed fast quality services high on our agenda.

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