Contract Logistics

At GTC, we continue to invest in flexible and innovative warehousing and storage solutions

Contract Logistics

The role warehouses play in the supply chain is indispensable. Especially nowadays, when typical routes and solutions change every day and it’s difficult to plan the stock level. Whatever your current need is – having of stock close to your end-customers, building of safety stock to support start-up or temporary storage due to seasonal or project reasons, having reliable warehouse activity is essential to support it. Reliable warehousing services are crucial for reputation of your company in front of your customers. We understand this, that’s why we work as an extension of your business, aiming to satisfy your end-customers’ expectations.

At GTC, we continue to invest in flexible and innovative warehousing and storage solutions knowing the fact that the ability to store cargo with highest accuracy and due care, is crucial for your supply chain.

Our team of experts with 20+ years experience in Contract Logistics is able to provide you with warehousing services and supply chain management at highest level of quality.

We will manage your safety stock carefully and let you concentrate on development of your business while we will take care of the current warehousing and supply chain activity.

Services we offer you

3PL Warehousing Services

We are glad to offer you classic warehousing services at our warehouse facilities, at highest quality and efficiency – such as unloading and reception, sorting, putaway to storage, pick&pack of orders, consolidation, dispatch, cross-docking, documents preparation, order status tracking and activity reporting. As well as various type of Value Added Services (goods marking/labelling, re-packing, co-packing, fixing security tags etc.).
Our team with 20+ experience in start-up and operations management of warehouse activities is ready to design warehousing solution for your specific needs.

Management of your warehouse

If you have your own warehouse facility and running activity, but would like to improve quality or efficiency, or just want to concentrate on development of your core business, the best solution is to invite professionals to manage existing warehouse activity.
Whatever the task is, our professional management team is ready to take care of your existing warehouse operations, improve it with your resources and infrastructure or offer our solutions, and continue to keep high level of performance, adopting to the upcoming changes and challenges.

Warehouse management audit

You have running warehouse activity, good experts and specialists managing it, but performance is far from target or expectations? Having well-fitted facility and pool of experts and specialists do not always lead to good performance.
If you want to keep management of your warehouse under your guidance, to keep good people and improve performance, we are glad to offer result-oriented solution: to make warehouse management audit, to define and specify action plan for improvement, covering all basic fields of management – organisation, process, HR, HSE, Security, and its implementation with your team members under our professional project management guidance.

Warehouse process optimization

In the warehouse logistics there is always room for improvement.
If you would like to improve productivity of some specific process (reception, picking, masterdata or stock management), or prepare for significant increase of throughput of your warehouse, our team of experts in LEAN management with independent and fresh point of view will find better solution as well as support in its implementation. We offer result-oriented solutions, not just consultancy.

4PL Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a specific subject, which requires deep expertise in operational logistics and access to wide global network of professionals and infrastructure. Especially nowadays, when typical routes and solutions are changing everyday. Thus you can win if you concentrate on your core business, keeping ownership in S&OP process, and let logistics professionals to organize delivery of your goods from supplier to final consignee, including all modes of transport, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution. Our tailor-made Control Tower setup, being an integral part of your team and process, can manage your goods flow, each time looking for the most optimal solution. Coordinate all arising constraints with respective stakeholders of the process, in order to decrease negative impact and ensure transparency of the flow. Our aim is to act as an extension of your business, striving to decrease costs at each step of the flow.

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