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There is a substantial worldwide market for heavy equipment and industrial machinery. So, how to easily ship heavy equipment overseas? There are obviously both export and import regulations that govern the sale and shipping of heavy equipment; and you need to be aware of these when selling to overseas buyers.

Whether you are part of the heavy-equipment industry or in need of industrial machinery or heavy cargo vehicles, bear in mind that shipping costs can be expensive and quite challenging. Shipping rates need to be worked into the deal, either as part of the price or as a separate cost.

Here is one fundamental step you will need to follow to export and/or import heavy equipment successfully:

Hire a Reputable and Experienced Freight Forwarder

GTC is a vital link in the export and import chain. We specialize in the logistics and facilitation of the movement of project cargo from the seller to the buyer. Exporting heavy equipment is a highly specialized and expensive undertaking, and you need to ensure that the company you contract is capable of completing the job.

Each country has specific licensing and legal requirements for the export and import of heavy equipment. It is essential to know what licenses and documentation you require and how to obtain it. You will have to classify your equipment correctly to determine the licensing requirements. Technical brochures and support documentation are required by most governments when applying for an export license.

The export and import procedures are two entirely different parts of the process. Just because you can legally export-heavy equipment from one country, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to legally import it into the country it is destined for. You may be able to obtain a license to export from your country. But you will also need a license to import the heavy equipment into the buyer’s country.

Some countries also forbid the import of certain used heavy equipment. Before the cargo leaves your country, you need to make sure that it meets the import requirements of its final destination and that you have the correct import licenses.

If you use a reputable and reliable freight forwarding company then you see how easy it is to ship heavy equipment overseas and the other way round.

And when it comes to fulfilling Herculean export/import tasks where high stakes are involved such as in heavy industrial equipment, GTC stands out with a variety of carriers including ships, trucks, airplanes, and specialized wagons. We are ready to provide export and/or import services for industrial equipment to company owners and enthusiasts in this field.

In GTC, we have placed fast quality services high on our agenda.

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