Rail Freight

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Rail Freight

Railways have been one of the primary modes of passenger and freight transport since the mid-19th century and continue to play a central role today. Despite the advancements in technology, which have made it possible for road, air and port infrastructures to handle an increasing number of transport vehicles, rail transport is still very important in the global economy.

Next to road freight, rail is one of the two main modes of inland transport. A suitable infrastructure is a necessity for efficient rail transport. This includes not only tracks and traction elements, but also all kinds of buildings, structures and technical equipment managed by the various public and private railway companies and operators.

Intermodal Transportation and the role of Rail Freight transportation

Intermodal transportation, also known as combined or multimodal transportation, involves the use of different modes of transportation of goods along the entire route.

What are the main advantages of rail transport?

  • speed of transport – unlike road freight, rail transport is not subject to traffic jams
  • the possibility of transporting bulky goods
  • ecology – at a time when reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most important challenges for the industry, choosing an environmentally friendly form of transport is another important argument for reducing road freight in favor of rail transport,
  • high standard of safety – in terms of both the number of accidents and the frequency of crimes (burglary, theft, vandalism), rail is one of the safest modes of transport.
  • lower costs compared to air transport,
  • independence from fuel prices, road networks and traffic restrictions for lorries,
  • possibility of comprehensive service with customs clearance,
  • faster delivery and higher safety of cargo compared to sea transport,
  • possibility of using rail for intermodal transport,
  • wide range of applications for the transport of various goods,
  • well-developed infrastructure and network of railway connections

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