Oil and Petroleum Products

GTC offers efficient and reliable sea freight services for

the transportation of oil and petroleum products


Transporting Oil and Petroleum Products

The oil and gas industry is evolving at a phenomenal pace, and greater evolution means a renewed focus on the abilities of oil and gas logistics companies to offer new and effective solutions.

Meanwhile, uncertainty is everywhere, and energy companies are looking for ways to improve operability and efficiency. That starts with effective partnerships. 

GTC offers efficient and reliable sea freight services for the transportation of oil and petroleum products. With a third of global maritime trade consisting of oil shipments, our company is proud to be at the forefront of streamlining innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Sea freight modes for oil and petroleum products

GTC’s sea freight services for oil and petroleum products include:

  1. Tankers are purpose-built ships that transport oil and are classified by deadweight tonnage (DWT).
  2. Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs): These ships have a maximum DWT of 300,000. The size of the vessel is determined by the canals and straits through which the ships pass.

Strict scheduling and fast transit time

GTC’s shipping services adhere to strict scheduling, and clients can track their cargo directly from our online portal. We provide fast transit times to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time every time.

A dedicated team of specialists for Oil and Gas Logistics

Safety is especially important in Oil & Gas supply chains. GTC can assist you in every step of the process, thanks to our tailored services: from the safe and efficient transportation of oil & gas products, to international project coordination, anywhere in the world.

Our team’s technical expertise is always at your disposal: our dedicated team can help you manage the entire supply chain.

Our business goal is to meet your individual requirements, by providing dedicated support in each area: from upstream supply for explorations, operational onsite services.

In GTC, we have placed fast quality services high on our agenda.

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