We offer transport services and logistics solutions
that cover a wide range of industries...


We are aiming high and doing our utmost to provide the best services for the import and export of automotive equipment in a timely manner to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


Our vast hands-on experience in moving agri-food products around the globe, particularly over long distances, has made us indispensable for agriculture business to expand its presence and reach.


As the largest segment of consumer goods, the nondurable and perishable nature of Fast-moving consumer goods calls for speedy and reliable logistics and transportation.


Heavy industrial equipment import and export is a sophisticated task where strict rules and regulations are involved; therefore, a reputable and reliable freight forwarding company for this undertaking is of extremely high significance.

Mining industry

Given the promising prospects of worldwide mineral materials market, project logistics management and consultancy services could make or break your success.


Import and export of technological equipment has played an important role in the economy of countries; however, fragility of high-tech products has made their transportation a high-stake endeavor.


The constant flow of essential goods into countries can be discussed as a great priority for governments to meet the demands of their citizens. Therefore, transport and logistics plays a strategic role in this industry.

Paper and Packing

The paper and packaging industry is very diverse. It involves shipping of paper rolls, cardboard shipping, shipping paper to be recycled, and so on.

Oil Products

Safe, efficient and reliable sea freight services for the transportation of oil and petroleum can indisputably make a change in Oil & Gas supply chains.