GTC Logistics and Tav Freight spectacular finish at TransRussia Exhibition

GTC Logistics и Tav Freight эффектно завершили выставку «ТрансРоссия»

As the curtains drew on the TransRussia Exhibition, the third and final day witnessed a remarkable display of resilience and determination from GTC Logistics and Tav Freight. Despite a noticeable drop in attendee numbers at the Crocus Expo compared to the bustling first two days, these sister companies kept their quest to network and forge impactful collaborations. With Booth C3047 serving as their base, GTC Logistics and Tav Freight displayed commitment, bidding farewell to the event while eagerly anticipating their return next year.

The TransRussia Exhibition, renowned as one of the premier platforms for the logistics and transportation sector, saw GTC Logistics and Tav Freight running the final day with the continuation of their steadfast pursuit of development to excellence. Throughout the exhibition, both companies stood out with their dedication & professionalism, networking with Pakistani, Indian, Russian, Turk & other international enterprises regardless of the challenges posed by external factors.

Booth C3047 witnessed informative presentations to interactive sessions from both parties, looking for new business horizons & potential international business partners.

As the final day drew to a close, GTC Logistics and Tav Freight bid farewell to TransRussia with a sense of accomplishment and optimism. As they reflect on their experiences at this Exhibition, they do so with a sense of anticipation for the opportunities ahead. The bonds built and lessons learned will certainly pave the way for future success, ensuring that their presence at next year’s exhibition will be met with eager anticipation and renewed enthusiasm.

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